The Bright Side: Koya Lures win challenge — again

Kona Dream caught this fish that qualified at 408 pounds but ultimately was not big enough to win the Kona Throw Down. Angler Dave Andersen. (Capt. Jeff Kahl/Courtesy Photo)

Wahine angler Jada Von Mols with the big winner of the Skins Marlin Derby fishing with dad Chip (left) Nick Durham of Tantrum Lures to her left Capt. Jason Holtz and John Peterson. ( Photo)

Crew of Wild Hooker with the largest marlin of the Lure Makers Challenge. Angler Guy Arrington far right. ( Photo)

The modern trolling lure was invented here in Kona back in the 1950’s and people haven’t stopped arguing about which lure is the most productive ever since.