Paradise is not always perfect

The Angel Trumpet or Belladonna is an example of a medicinal shrub or small tree with sap that can be toxic if ingested. Fragrant flowers of white, yellow, orange or rose make this easy to grow plant popular. It is used by shaman in religious ceremonies. Like so many other plants in the potato family, use it only for landscape beauty because the difference between medicinal and poisonous leaves no room for error. (Voltaire Moise/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Relatively speaking, we live in one of the safest places on the planet. Our temperatures change very little from season to season. Local folks and visitors alike often feel that our islands have few dangers except for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes. These are rare. Excessive exposure to the sun can be dangerous and people drown every year by being careless at the beach or hiking in rivers and streams in the mountains.