Add a masculine touch: Menswear-inspired design trending this fall

As much as we love layering plaids and playing with pattern upon pattern, it is always good to have at least one place for the eye to rest. (Karlyn Kubin/TNS)

Rich and elegantly manly colors include dreamy greens, lush navy, luxurious camel, deep grey, tobacco brown and oxblood red.

Adding touches of impeccably tailored touches such as metal studs, pin-tucks and velvet trimming to your upholstery gives the sharp and polished look of menswear to your furniture and overall spaces. (Karlyn Kubin/TNS)

Inspired by men’s classic suit styles, any material from pinstripes to plaid or herringbone to houndstooth can be used to bring mannish charm to a space.

As fall and winter approach, it is the perfect time to add traditionally masculine touches to your spaces for increased comfort and warmth. (Photos by Karlyn Kubin/TNS)

I never thought I would be referencing this artist in a blog, but as ZZ Top has told us, “Every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man!”