A job well done: Couple reclaims 6-acre farm in South Kona

Carolyn and Debbie made many improvements to their farmhouse including a new lanai providing an expansive coastline view. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Kabocha squash is one of the latest cash crops Carolyn and Debbie have added to their farm. (Carolyn Witcover/via Diana Duff)

Carolyn’s dog Piper often accompanies her on one of her ATV tours of the farm. (Debbie Coke/Via Diana Duff)

Debbie enjoys the variety of uses and flavors that their multiple banana varieties offer. (Carolyn Witcover/via Diana Duff)

Carolyn and Debbie enjoy visiting their new meditation garden to relax after a hard day of work. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

When Carolyn Witcover and Debbie Coke bought the lease on a ramshackle coffee farm in South Kona, they knew they had some work to do. Though they were prepared for a steep learning curve and months of hard labor, they were determined to make their farm productive and try to find pleasure in the process.