When Kona makes no sense

The traditional blue marlin flag is flown atop 7 tag and release flags as “Maverick” heads home towards sunset after one of the best days on record. (Courtesy photo/Capt. James Bach)

Siblings Carol and Dave Setniker stand with mate Carlin Rinehart and 1 of 7 blue marlin tagged and released on November 17 aboard Maverick. (Courtesy photo/Capt. James Bach)

There are a lot of new people around here these days. Kona has always attracted new folks, but it seems like in the past people came looking to experience certain known aspects of Big Island life while those arriving these days are more concerned with getting away from certain aspects of life back where they came from. Understandable if coming from communities where COVID hit hard, but apparently many did not spend the plane ride boning up on issues of “Pidgin To Da Max.”