Local neo-psych-rockers make Kahilu debut

From left: Katy Arnovick, Mike Bennett and Sam Gruesen. (Steve Roby/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Drummer Chris Wilson performs during the show at Kahilu Theatre. (Steve Roby/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Mister Peanut Butter was formed in 2015 and is now a six-piece band with Mike Bennett on vocals and rhythm guitar, Sam Gruesen on vocals and lead guitar, Josh Hodges on bass, Chris Wilson on drums, Kaimalu Harmon on keyboards, and Katy Arnovick on acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals. (Steve Roby/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Keyboardist Kaimalu Harmon’s eerie otherworldly tones opened Mister Peanut’s 90-minute Kahilu Theatre show last Friday. “Set The Controls” is a very spacey jam, much like you’d hear on an early Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix album. Lead vocalist Mike Bennet provided random starship trooper commands until the mothership landed on planet Peanut Butter and the song ended.