‘You need to protect it’: Lawmakers renew efforts to strengthen coffee labeling requirements

Kona Coffee Farmers Association president Colehour Bondera (far right) leads reps. Amy Perruso, Nicole Lowen and Jeanne Kapela on a farm tour as farm owners Bruce Corker, Jason Stith and Chet Gardiner follow behind in November 2021. (Tom Linder/West Hawaii Today)

Coffee berries are seen at Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farm in Holualoa. (Tom Linder/West Hawaii Today)

The coffee trees at Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farm in Holualoa extend over a panoramic view of the Pacific. (Tom Linder/West Hawaii Today)

A worker picks coffee during the 2021 harvest at Kona Coffee and Tea’s farm in Holualoa. (Laura Ruminski/West Hawaii Today)

After standing for a few minutes Judge Takayoshi Kato breaks the crust and will sample the brew’s aroma, factors in determining the winner of the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition. Brad Ballesteros/Special to West Hawaii Today

State lawmakers have renewed efforts to set tighter limits on using Hawaii location names to sell coffee. However, only one of five bills introduced this session aimed at protecting the $60 million industry has gained traction.