US ramps up Ukraine warning, says Russia may invade any day

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Friday escalated dire warnings of a possibly imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying it could happen at any moment, even as emergency diplomatic efforts continued. Adding to the sense of crisis, the Pentagon ordered an additional 3,000 U.S. troops to Poland to reassure allies.

La‘i‘opua 2020 awarded funds to perpetuate culture

La‘i‘opua 2020’s “Ola ka Lahui” program in which island historians, kupuna, story tellers and artisans share their mana‘o with residents and visitors interested in a deeper connection to Hawaii’s history, arts, and traditions recently got a boost thanks to a Hawaii Tourism Authority grant.

Editorial: Trump removed, ripped up and flushed records. An investigation is warranted

It has become clear in recent days that former President Donald Trump mishandled official presidential documents to an astonishing and possibly illegal extent while in office. Multiple sources now indicate that after winning the presidency with a campaign in which he savaged Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of official emails, Trump improperly stored possibly classified material at Mar-a-Lago, tore up other documents that staffers then had to tape back together, and even clogged White House toilets by trying to flush documents — putting an absurdly literal new twist on the old Nixonian phrase “White House plumbers.”

Commentary: Math anxiety is real — and we’re passing it on to our kids

The disruptions to children’s schooling over the past two years have caused millions of American parents to come to an unexpected revelation: They are not as good at math as they had hoped. Nothing exposes your lack of ability with numbers like trying to teach your own child about fractions. But there is an upside: We now have more direct experience and understanding that can help improve the nation’s math literacy.

Utah senator blocks internment camp designation, draws ire

DENVER — On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the forced internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans at the onset of World War II, Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is getting backlash for holding up the creation of a national historic site at a former internment camp in rural Colorado.