Bill could pay $100,000 to some on DHHL wait list

Companion bills that would appropriate $600 million of general revenues to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to help Native Hawaiian beneficiaries acquire homes passed unanimously Thursday in the Legislature’s money committees.

Documents detail domestic assault in Hilo hotel

An argument early Friday evening at the bar of the Grand Naniloa Hotel escalated into a hotel room incident in which a man allegedly pistol-whipped a woman, forcefully shoved the gun’s barrel into her mouth and threatened to kill her, according to court documents filed by police.

Obituaries: March 8, 2022

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Reapportionment Commission preps to defend against lawsuit

The state Reapportionment Commission on Monday created a special committee to help the attorney general defend it from a lawsuit filed by a citizen coalition challenging maps featuring new political boundaries for the state Legislature and U.S. House.

Quick Fix: Dijon scallops dish savory, juicy meal

Sweet, tender scallops need very little cooking. In fact, to remain delicate and flavorful, they should be cooked only a few minutes over high heat in a skillet large enough to hold them in one layer without touching. The result will be a crusty coating while the inside remains juicy.

Sweet-tart tamarind amps up plump shrimp

Tamarind remains a bit of a mystery to most cooks in the United States, but its sweet and sour pulp is appreciated by cooks from its native range in tropical Africa to India, Mexico and beyond. The pods resemble a long, bulbous peanut, but the flavor evokes some combination of lemons, dates and apricots — which makes it a powerhouse ingredient packed with flavor.

Leg of lamb flavors this St. Patrick’s Day-inspired Irish stew

Thinking of St. Patrick’s Day brought to mind this warm and welcoming Irish Stew. There are many versions of Irish Stew. A traditional stew calls for mutton, a sheep that is over a year old. This is a quick version uses leg of lamb for a tasty and tender dish. It’s a one-pot meal that’s ready in 15 minutes.

Editorial: It’s Afghan money: President Biden shouldn’t reserve $3.5 billion for a subset of terrorism victims

In an executive order last month, President Joe Biden moved to divide and release $7 billion from Afghanistan’s central bank — funds frozen after the Taliban takeover of the country. Half would go to meet urgent Afghan humanitarian needs, and half would apparently be disbursed to a subset of U.S. terrorism victims’ families who’d recently won claims against the Taliban in Manhattan federal court. (We say apparently because the language of the order isn’t entirely clear.)