Design Recipes: How to introduce geometry, graphics into your decor

Safe isn’t always best when it comes to interior design. In many instances, people are afraid to take the plunge with prints and graphics. But from artwork to accessories and rugs, graphics can often be the best choice for those looking to infuse a modern edge as well as add color and pattern to a space.

Commentary: How to avoid getting COVID in a mostly mask-free world

This week’s lifting of mask requirements on airplanes and, in many parts of the country, on public transportation is a major turning point in the U.S. pandemic response. From now on, it seems, avoiding or minimizing COVID-19 infection will be a personal endeavor, not a societal one.

Kahiko night at Merrie Monarch Festival

Eighteen hula halau presented two dozen performances of hula kahiko, or ancient hula — 17 by wahine groups and seven by kane groups — Friday night during the Merrie Monarch Festival.

Russia shifts forces for battle over Ukrainian heartland

KYIV, Ukraine — Russia and Ukraine hurtled toward what could be an epic battle for control of the country’s industrial heartland as Ukrainian officials reported that Moscow had shifted a dozen crack military units from the shattered port of Mariupol to eastern Ukraine.

‘A very chaotic situation’: Crews tackle growing wildfires

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Destructive fires in the U.S. Southwest have burned dozens of homes in northern Arizona and put numerous small villages in New Mexico in the path of danger, as wind-fueled flames chewed up wide swaths of tinder dry forest and grassland and plumes of smoke filled the sky.

Looking to deepen pain for Putin, West studying oil and gas

WASHINGTON — The United States unleashed some of its toughest actions against Russian President Vladimir Putin right after he rolled his troops into Ukraine. Polls in the U.S. find that people want Washington to do more. So what’s left, financially, diplomatically and militarily, to step up the pressure?