14 arrested for suspected DUI

Hawaii Police Department officers arrested 14 motorists for suspected drunken driving between June 13 and Sunday. Six of the drivers was involved in a traffic crash.

Senate confirms three judicial appointments

The state Senate voted Tuesday to confirm the Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald’s appointments of Jill M. Hasegawa and Joanna E. Sokolow to the District Family Court of the Third Circuit (Hawaii Island) and Gregory H. Meyers to the District Court of the Fifth Circuit (Kauai).

Quick Fix: Walnut crust adds flavorful crunch to chicken dish

It’s easy to dress up boneless, skinless chicken thighs with this nutty walnut crust. It keeps them juicy and adds a flavorful crunch. The recipe also works with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. While the chicken bakes in the oven, the rigatoni and broccoli cook together on the stove.

My Turn: Support needed for North Kona hospital over obsolete South Kona facility

In the 40-plus years I’ve lived in North Kona, I’ve used Kona Community Hospital (in South Kona) for many emergency room visits and outpatient procedures, all with satisfactory results, despite the hospital’s obscure location. Luckily, before recently, I never had to be admitted for an extended stay. Now, after 40 years things obviously changed, and for extended stay patients the South Kona Hospital is way overcrowded (before, during, and after COVID), understaffed, duplicitous, and often incompetent to the point of being barbaric. No matter how “nice” some of the staff can be, the shortcomings now of that ancient hospital cannot be overlooked.

Sentencing delayed in Pohoiki shootout case

Sentencing was postponed Monday for a Pahoa man accused of the nonfatal shootings of two men during a gun battle almost five years ago at Pohoiki to allow him to testify for the prosecution, if need be, during trial in a companion case.

Waikoloa Village residents try out fire evacuation road

Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth said he had to make one of the most difficult decisions of his career nearly a year ago. As the massive Mana Road wildfire was bearing down on the mostly residential Waikoloa Village, Roth called for its evacuation.