Style at Home: Pretty and patriotic styles

Patriotic accessories come in all shapes and sizes. (Nell Hill’s/TNS)

Throw pillows are a quick addition to almost any room and are easy to store or stick in another pillowcase when you are done with them! (Nell Hill’s/TNS)

Flags and swags are a great way to add a pop of festiveness to the exterior of your home. (Nell Hill’s/TNS)

When bringing RWB onto your tabletop, it can be as easy as throwing a new linen on the table. (Nell Hill’s/TNS)

If you are looking to bring a little bit of RWB into your bedroom, a patterned duvet is the perfect choice. (Nell Hill’s/TNS)

While I have many favorite color combinations, red, white and blue is right near the top year-round! That is one reason I get so excited during the summer months when it comes to the forefront of my shop. While in the other months I try to stay away from making this combination scream USA, these are the months where it is easier than ever to bring out a bit of patriotic prettiness to existing home designs – even for those who don’t share my obsession for decorating with these hues.