Hawaii aquaculture sales reach record-high $79.6M

Graphic from USDA 2021 Hawaii Aquaculture Sales report

Abalone is grown from brood stock to market size at Big Island Abalone at NELHA in 2018. (File photo/West Hawaii Today)

A line of recently vegetatively seeded ogo (Gracilaria parvispora) is seen during a test of four macroalgae by Kampachi Farms in 2019. (File photo/West Hawaii Today)

Caulerpa lentillifera is seen close-up. The limu, which doesn’t have a known Hawaiian name, is called limu fuafua in Samoa. It’s also termed sea grapes or vegan caviar as the macroalgae provides the same salty “pop” tobiko (flying fish roe) gives poke. (File photo/West Hawaii Today)

Above: Cyanotech’s aquaculture farm at NELHA. Courtesy photo/SPecial to west Hawaii Today

Aquaculture sales in Hawaii reached a record-high $79.6 million in 2021, surpassing 2020 figures by nearly 20%.