Kupuna softball- the Legends live up to their name

Front row L-R: Warren Chong, Gilbert Hernandez, Steve Tanaka, Mike Slavenski, Mike Cabral, Randy Willis. Back row: Alvin Sato, David Fukumoto, Mac Davis, Ken Kilkuskie, Jeff Fyffe, Roy Okawa, Anthony Gulley, Stan Grahovac (Coach), Tommy Mattos. Missing: Joan Chong (Scorekeeper), Marty Colbert, Jimmy Ferguson, Barry Finkenberg, Don Gross, Rob Mecham, Hal Takahashi. (Courtesy photo/Special to West Hawaii Today)

The 2022 Hawaii Kupuna Softball League season was a very successful one for the Kona Legends, but it was a very unusual one as well. It ended with the Legends winning the State championship by beating perennial Oahu powerhouse Aikane by a score of 22-10. To get to that game however, there were a number of things that went the Legends way throughout the season.