Scooby doobie don’t: Discarded joints pose hazards for dogs

Colleen Briggs watch carefully as her 8-month-old poodle named Bondi sniffs around, during a walk a park near their home, Thursday April 6, 2023, in New York. When Bondi recently became sick, a quick diagnosis found he was likely poisoned after nibbling unfinished marijuana joints. Veterinarians are growing alarmed by an apparent rise in marijuana poisonings among dogs that ingest discarded joints and edibles on city sidewalks. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

NEW YORK (AP) — Bondi, an 8-month-old toy poodle, had just returned from a walk when he began stumbling. His head wobbled and soon he could barely stand, so his owner, Colleen Briggs, rushed him to the vet.