Plant of the month – October 2023 – kabocha squash

The blue kuri kabocha cultivar is among several different seed varieties offered by the Asian seed company Kitazawa based in Oakland, Calif. (Courtesy photo/

A winter sweet kabocha grown from Johnny’s Seeds has a gray-green skin and a very sweet flavor. (Courtesy photo/

The dark green leaves and yellow flowers of the kabocha squash plant make it an attractive addition to your edible garden. (Courtesy photo/

When the kabocha flower dies and falls off, it is time to bag or otherwise protect your squash from insects like the pickle worm. (Courtesy/photo)

Kabocha fruit begins forming at the base of female flowers. (Courtesy photo/

The autumn equinox occurred last Friday night meaning we are officially into fall. This season often conjures visions of fields of orange pumpkins for me. Memories of times past. Here in Hawaii, the best pumpkin to grow is the Japanese kabocha squash. It is green, not orange, but is easy to grow and has very tasty orange flesh.