Forensic pathologist: Smith was a homicide victim; expert testifies intermediate-range shot to the head was cause of death, not suicide

Patricia Wong, right, sits at defense table with her attorney, Aaron Wills, Tuesday in Hilo Circuit Court. (JOHN BURNETT / Tribune-Herald)


JOHN BURNETT Kaleo Kaluhiokalani, criminalist for the Honolulu Police Department crime lab, testifies as an expert on gunshot residue Tuesday in Hilo Circuit Court.

JOHN BURNETT/Tribune-Herald On Tuesday in Hilo District Court, forensic pathologist Dr. Kanthi De Alwis, who performed the autopsy on murder victim Kaycee Smith, demonstrates the angle she believes the firearm that killed Smith in 2009 was pointed.


The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on 21-year-old Kaycee Smith in 2009 told a jury Tuesday she is certain Smith was a homicide victim.