Duff: Growing moringa in Kona

Even the flowers of the moringa tree are edible. (GEOFF MARUYAMA JONES/COURTESY PHOTO)

Geoff lets some of the moringas grow tall to produce pods. (DIANA DUFF/SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY)

Geoff harvests green moringa pods for a dinner side dish. (MISA MARUYAMA JONES/COURTESY PHOTO)

The green flash name is on all the moringa powder products at Maruyma Jones farm. (DIANA DUFF/SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY)

Misa and Geoff are coppicing their African moringa to encourage leaf flushing. (DIANA DUFF/SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY)

If you have been reading my articles, you have some information about moringa, the ‘miracle tree’ native to India. On a visit with Geoff and Misa, owners of the Maruyama Jones Moringa farm in Kona’s ag lots, I learned a lot more about this wonderful plant and its uses.