Why Trump’s alarmist message on immigration may be resonating beyond his base

WASHINGTON — The video shared by former President Donald Trump features horror movie music and footage of migrants purportedly entering the U.S. from countries including Cameroon, Afghanistan and China. Shots of men with tattoos and videos of violent crime are set against close-ups of people waving and wrapping themselves in American flags.

California judge right to disbar Trump lawyer John Eastman

A California State Bar judge has recommended the disbarment of former Donald Trump adviser John Eastman, a onetime fringe academic — among his longtime obsessions partly overturning the 14th Amendment to kill birthright citizenship — who came to occupy a central role in the former president’s efforts to undo the 2020 election.

Gaza medical officials say Israeli strike kills 4 foreign aid workers, driver after delivering food

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip — An apparent Israeli airstrike killed four international aid workers with the World Central Kitchen charity and their Palestinian driver late Monday, hours after the group brought in a new shipload of food by a maritime route the United States has hoped would be an alternative lifeline for northern Gaza, isolated and pushed to the brink of famine by Israel’s offensive.

Let’s Talk Food: My favorite knives

Yes, I have a weakness for knives. When I see a knife that looks interesting, odds are that I will purchase it. I have been to many knife and sword shops in Japan, just intrigued at the craftsmanship in knife making. My son is the same way, so we have a collection of knives for every possible use: a sashimi, citrus, bread, several chef’s, several paring, a couple of bird beak, utility, boning, santoku and nakiri knives.

A dozen ways to devil your eggs

Deviled eggs — the darlings of church suppers and potlucks — may sound retro, but when served at a fancy cocktail soiree, those eggs disappear long before the canapés. You’ll be hard-pressed to see a leftover deviled egg.