Gourmet mushrooms are growing in Kona

Clusters of the princess pearl oyster mushrooms can grow quite large. (Amanda Evans/Courtesy photo)

The versatile blue oyster mushroom grows well in Amanda’s warehouse. (Amanda Evans/Courtesy photo)

Amanda cuddles up to her pink oyster mushrooms in her warehouse. (Amanda Evans/Courtesy photo)

Amanda usually wears a mask in her warehouse to avoid inhaling mushroom spores. (Amanda Evans/Courtesy photo)

Amanda is busy with customers every Saturday at the Keauhou Farmer’s Market. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

As people seek healthy new food options, the demand for gourmet mushrooms is increasing. Fresh button mushrooms including cremini and portobello are still very popular but oyster mushrooms and exotics like lion’s mane are increasing in popularity. Luckily Amanda Evans of Mermaid Mushrooms is growing these in a warehouse in Kealakekua and offering them to enthusiasts around Hawaii Island.