Design Recipes: Why staging works

For most Americans, their home is their single biggest asset. While someone may have worked for a company for a long time, investing in retirement vehicles such as a 401K or IRA, the equity one has in their home is typically their biggest financial asset in terms of invested dollars. (Handout/TNS)

Next to great photography, staging is the single most important marketing tool in a real estate agent’s toolbox. Staging allows potential buyers to truly be able to envision the “lifestyle” that could take place within a home. For most people, purchasing real estate is an emotional transaction, they often experience an emotional trigger when they “feel” that a property is right for them and their family, and that emotional reaction of “this is home,” is what leads to a decision to make an offer on a property. Effective staging allows a potential buyer to want to look, linger, “kick the tires” as opposed to come in for a 10 second glance, before retreating back to their vehicle.