QNHCH nurses ratify contract

Nurses at Queen’s North Hawaii Community Hospital have voted to ratify a new contract, averting a possible strike at the Waimea facility.

My Turn: Shoot it down

Mentally ill, down-in-the-dumps, houseless human beings survive hidden in bushes, fighting drought and flash floods directly across the road from multi-million dollar resorts, public parks and businesses. Local residents reel from the economic and psychological tsumani of COVID-19 while affordable housing remains a pipe dream. Beaches and other public and sensitive natural areas are overrun with population influx and lack of funding for remedy or management of the onslaught. Roads are jammed with out-of-state and rental cars leaving infrastructure beyond capacity. So what do we do?

Kona coffee labeling settlements reach $15.25M

Kona coffee farmers have each begun receiving their share of a $13.1 million settlement reached in a 2019 class action lawsuit against retailers that falsely labeled commodity coffee beans as premium “Kona” coffee.