Eruption continues as lava claims 2 more houses

KAILUA-KONA — Fissure 8 continues to erupt lava steadily into the perched channel leading northeastward from the vent to the Puna coastline, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported Tuesday morning.

Lava task force deactivated; more homes are lost

The Hawaii National Guard has deactivated the Joint Task Force 50 partnership with the Guard and regular military forces that was formed to help with the lava emergency response in Hawaii County, Guard spokesman Maj. Jeff Hickman said Tuesday in a written statement.

Lava claims more homes in Kapoho

HILO — Lava from Kilauea volcano’s lower East Rift Zone eruption destroyed more homes Monday in Kapoho and additional homes are expected to be lost to the flow today, according to the county.

Fissure 8 cone about same height as Aloha Tower

HONOLULU — The fissure from which lava has been erupting in a residential neighborhood for the past two months has built a cone that’s now about the height of Aloha Tower, an iconic 10-story building in Honolulu.