New map of Mauna Loa’s northeast flank now available

The new “Geologic map of the northeast flank of Mauna Loa volcano, Island of Hawaii,” the culmination of many years of work by Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologists, was recently published by the U.S. Geological Survey. The work was spearheaded by


Tracking the latest moves of Kilauea and Mauna Loa

A diverse array of techniques is utilized to monitor volcanoes around the world, including those in Hawaii. These methods include tracking changes in the chemistry and volume of gases emitted from a volcano, recording earthquake activity, measuring changes in surface

HVO’s website makeover is more than skin deep

In 1998, a U.S. first-class postage stamp cost 32 cents and a gallon of gas in Hawaii set you back about $1.50. Apple unveiled the iMac, Google was founded, and Pokemon was released in the U.S. for Nintendo Game Boy.


What’s hot and not in lava field fashion

An estimated 1,500 visitors a day hike across the lava flow fields to view the ocean entry and search for active lava breakouts. Round-trip walking distance is far; a one-way trip to the ocean entry from Kalapana is around 4