Scott Martelle: Televised meetings over school shootings are cathartic, but change nothing

There were a couple of remarkable moments Wednesday in Washington, D.C., and later in Sunrise, Fla., a few miles from where 17 people were slaughtered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. The first was a televised meeting between President Donald Trump and survivors and relatives of children killed in school shootings. The second was a CNN-hosted town hall that brought together survivors of the most recent massacre, other local residents, elected officials and a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. There were frank discussions in both gatherings. They made for good cathartic theater.

Commentary: What liberals miss about the Second Amendment

When it comes to guns, it often appears as though liberals and conservatives are speaking different languages. Liberals express their horror at each new mass shooting and demand government action, while conservatives call for “thoughts and prayers” and insist on respect for the Second Amendment.

Editorial: Attacking Obamacare, again

Despite the Trump administration’s best efforts to undermine Obamacare, it is not collapsing, as the president often claims. The state exchanges where insurers sell policies to Americans who don’t get health benefits at work are stabilizing, and enrollment remained about the same last year even after administration actions drove up premiums, slashed marketing efforts and shortened the sign-up period.