Wet in Waimea

A gushing stream weaves its way down the hill to empty into the ocean near Mau’umae Beach in Mauna Kea Resort on a rare blue sky day.

Water and dirt glisten on Parker Ranch horses during a brief moment of sunlight last week.

Cars make a big splash near the center of town. (Photos by Landry Fuller/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Shoppers weather a storm at Wednesday’s farmers market at Pukalani Stables.

Informally known by residents as “Lake Waimea,” a second lake forms next to this puddle Wednesday near the post office due to extensive rains.

Nearly 20 inches of rain, along with traditional spitting rain, have fallen so far in April as of Friday, according to Pacific Islands Water Science Center. Residents have found ways to avoid the wet weather, or face it head on.