Laughter Therapy 03-18-19

Aloha to all you St. Patrick’s Day celebrators. Hope you still have enough ‘eye-focus’ to read my column today. Better yet, take two aspirin and call me tomorrow! Now some laughter to cure your hangovers!

Crazy huge, crazy far

HILO — Astronomers at the Subaru Telescope on Maunakea have discovered 83 supermassive black holes billions of light years from Earth.

Ippy’s Hawaiian Barbecue opening in Waimea

WAIMEA — Long before he was the youngest person (at the time) and the only person from Hawaii to ever appear on the nationally televised show Food Network Star, Philip “Ippy” Aiona was an 11-year-old Hapa Hawaiian boy learning how to cook in his parents’ kitchen.

Legislatively Speaking: 03-18-19

The legislative session is now at “cross-over,” which is when bills that have passed the House are sent to the Senate for consideration, and bills that have passed the Senate are sent to the House. Today’s article will highlight some of the House bills I introduced that have crossed over to the Senate. There are many other important House bills and Senate bills that are being considered that aren’t included here. For further information on any of these bills, please check out the legislature’s website or contact our House District 7 office at 808-586-8510 or by email at Mahalo!

Tutu’s House 03-09-19

Senior Fit Club is offered at 1:30 p.m. for an hour every Monday, with a variety of modalities on DVD to choose from. Studies show that people who stay active are more likely to live longer and remain independent. Join this DVD-guided weekly exercise opportunity to maintain fitness in community at Tutu’s House.

Kupuna Transitions: My High Five

This month marks my five-year anniversary of writing this Kupuna Transitions column. I am grateful for the opportunity every month that I get to sit down and share ideas with our Hawaii community about caring for ourselves and the older adults in our lives. Your positive response and comments in the community have encouraged me to continue to create messages that hopefully inspire and support you. I wish I could give each reader a big high five! In reviewing my contributions since March 2014, I noted a few common topics that I’d like to highlight over the next few months.