Laughter Therapy 05-13-19

How often do I get a card from a good friend that, in addition to their well-wishes, contains a great joke? So perfect to begin our laughter therapy.

Legislatively Speaking: 05-13-19

Aloha! I am very grateful to be your State Representative. Today I am reporting on the work of the 2019 Legislature, which ended May 2. While I’m happy with many bills we passed, I am also disappointed in the Legislature’s inability to pass other important legislation. There is lots more work to do next session.

Kupuna Transitions: Taking the bull by the horns

I usually spend little time worrying about fitting in with the expectations of others and prefer to do things my own way. It seemed to me that conformity was for those who were busy trying to perfectly match themselves up to the rest of the world and there was no place in that for me. I now understand that individuality requires its own precise energy, which is where perfectionism snuck up on me.

Laughter Therapy 05-06-19

Seldom do I go into my community that I am not stopped by some nice person who has a medical question. Knowing that I am the ‘laughter lady’ I try very hard to maintain a sense of humor. So, here are some questions and my standard answers:

Try this: Random Acts of Kindness

HONOKAA — It’s cool to be kind and the student body council at Honokaa Elementary School is challenging classmates — and the internet — to do just that.