Coral possibly on the rebound: Small signs of new growth evident along the Kohala Coast

Kauna’oa Bay is one of the areas in North Hawaii most affected by coral bleaching. New signs of life are seen there in October. (LANDRY FULLER/SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY)

Large schools of fish swim around cauliflower coral studied by the Division of Aquatic Resources prior to the bleaching event in 2015. (COURTESY PHOTO/LINDSEY KRAMER)

New cauliflower coral is spotted at Hono’ko’ope earlier this month. The small white coral can grow on top of dead coral. (LANDRY FULLER/SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY)

KOHALA COAST — For the past three years or so, ideal snorkeling spots such as Kauna’oa Bay have appeared nearly dormant. Where vibrant yellow, green and blue corals were once plentiful, mostly dead, grey-colored ones remained.