Letters to the editor: 11-29-18

Stop proposed military exercises

The US military is proposing to use the Kohala Coast, among other locations in the state, for military exercises beginning in 2019. In order to mount enough public opposition to stop this action by Dec. 10, we need to respond immediately.


Please voice your opposition by contacting via email NFPAC-Receive@navy.mil or by mail to Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific, Attention: Project Manager, EV21.JZ, 258 Makalapa Drive, Ste. 100, Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-3134

And sign this petition in opposition to the plan: https://bit.ly/2DoJAfQ.

A review of their environmental assessment proposes up to 330 event around the state on our non-federal lands and 265 events on federal lands. An event can be up to 40 people parachuting or dropping out of planes or helicopters and 15 people on the ground, as well as emergency personnel, trucks, boats, subs, and jet skis.

The proposal includes the possibility of deploying and landing Osprey MV-22s along with naval ships, manned and unmanned submarines, and other crafts. The exercises are expected to last between four and 72 hours.

The areas that have been proposed are important economically, fragile environmentally, and highly used recreation areas.

As a swimmer, paddler and homeowner in Kohala, the intrusion level of having Osprey aircraft, submarines, emergency personnel, Marines, etc. interacting with swimmers, paddlers, wildlife, and tourists, multiple times per month (10 locations and 330 events) seems crazy and irresponsible.

The federal government already owns over 500,000 acres in the state of Hawaii with over 400,000 of that on the Island of Hawaii. Why would the military use the ocean along some of the most expensive real estate in Hawaii, that hosts over 1 million tourists a year, with some of the most pristine shoreline in Hawaii for their exercises?

Please take the time to review and make your own judgment. We only have until Dec. 10 for public commentary.

Mary Spears


Caravan fleeing from corruption

I checked online the amount of money American taxpayers provide for the three main Central American countries involved in the migrant exodus intending to enter the USA.

I think they are heroic, but that is created by being desperate. I hope we admit many, through established channels, but also think it is wise to adjust the standing amnesty and immigration laws to cope with a changing world.

Here are the amounts given in 2017 from taxes paid by Americans to the three countries:

Guatemala $257.3 million; El Salvador $181 million; Honduras $127.4 million. I noted we give also to Belize, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Being older, somewhat jaded with reality, I cannot help but judge groups by their actions. They have not overcome the graft corruption and dominance by cartels and organized crime, nor have they been industrious enough, collectively. One on one, I would show respect and empathy. Perhaps we should intervene to combat the forces which drain their strength and push them into abject poverty and desperation.

I think we should retake the Panama Canal, establish a zone of manufacturing, and pull the labor force there. We built it. Many Americans died building it.

We could block China passing through if they continue expanding in the South China Sea. But really, the issue being overlooked is the increased deaths of Americans from opioid overdose. Up from 140 per day to 200 on average. You tell me who the enemy is.


Jay Failing