Ige releases funding for South Kohala water reservoir

Sen. Lorraine R. Inouye (D-Hilo, Hamakua and North Hawaii) recently announced that Gov. David Ige released $8.75 million in capital improvement project (CIP) funding for the construction of a 10-million gallon water reservoir for the Lalamilo water system in South Kohala.

Shakeup for Maunakea bill

A bill that would have transitioned management of Maunakea away from the University of Hawaii will now keep UH in charge, to an extent.

Case urges Jones Act waiver, calls out Matson, Pasha

U.S. Rep. Ed Case on Wednesday criticized the two main ocean cargo companies shipping goods between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii — Matson Navigation Co. and Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines — for opposing his request to President Joe Biden to exempt Hawaii from the Jones Act for the duration of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — NATO estimated on Wednesday that 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in four weeks of war in Ukraine, where fierce resistance from the country’s defenders has denied Moscow the lightning victory it sought.

Jackson survives a final bruising day of questions

Biden seeks new sanctions, help for Ukrainians in Europe

BRUSSELS — As war rages on in Ukraine, President Joe Biden will huddle with key allies in Brussels and Warsaw this week to talk through plans for imposing punishing new sanctions on Russia and dealing with an extraordinary humanitarian crisis, while developing a consensus on how they would respond if Russia were to launch a cyber, chemical or even nuclear attack.

Simba the lion, wolf safely evacuated from war-torn Ukraine

RADAUTI, Romania — Simba the lion and a wolf named Akyla have been evacuated from a zoo in war-torn Ukraine and brought to safety in Romania in what an animal rights group involved in the operation says was a four-day mission “full of dangers” further hampered by border entry bureaucracy.

Commentary: To understand how Putin is wielding words, here’s a tip: Not all propaganda aims to persuade

When Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’s denazifying Ukraine, he no doubt expects some people, in Russia and abroad, to believe him. Many in the West and on the international stage have expressed bewilderment at these claims. But this does not mean his propaganda strategy is failing. He is engaging in “hard propaganda,” which is meant to convey the speaker’s power — not persuade.