Original Hawaiian Chocolate is aloha

Chocolate bars and fudge sauce are among the items available in the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Shoppe. (ohcf.us/Courtesy photo)

Signage on the driveway to the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory guides you to the facility. (findingfinechocolate.com/Courtesy photo)

Ripe cacao pods can be lots of different colors. All contain cacao seeds are wrapped in a sweet substance called puma. (ohcf.us/Courtesy photo)

Cacao pods grow directly on the truck of the trees. (ohcf.us/Courtesy photo)

Pam and Bob Cooper have been producing high quality chocolate in Kona for almost twenty-five years. (ohcf.us/Courtesy photo)

I hadn’t been to the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in a while, so I decided to check in on them. These days, Pam and Bob Cooper are getting ready to celebrate 25 years of chocolate making here in Kona.