The buzz on Big Island Bees

Visitors can view honey being made from behind a screen on the Big Island Bees honey farm tour. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

The three different Hawaiian honeys offered by Big Island Bees can be purchased in gift packs of several sizes at their store as well as in some retail shops in Hawaii and beyond. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

Supers from old hives make perfect display stands for the objects featured in the Big Island Bees Museum. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

Big Island Bees store and museum are housed in the old Kona Queens warehouse on Napo’opo’o Road. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

Joe O’Brian often leads the honey farm tours sponsored by Big Island Bees. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

At the end of every tour, a tasting of Big Island Bees honey varieties is offered. (Jeremy Chien/Courtesy photo)

When Whendi Grad met Garnett Puett in 1981 at the University of Washington art school, she didn’t know he was from a family of Hawaiian beekeepers. Whendi was studying textile design. Garnett was studying sculpture. They moved to New York City in 1983 and began pursuing careers as artists there.