My Turn: DMV staff between rock and hard place

As one who has been in that horrendous DMV line for three-plus hours and as one who has been behind that service window to help you, I am in a position to make some statements both by observation and experience as a systems analyst and process improvement professional.

My Turn: Old white men should legislate male reproductive rights

They’re at it again, old white men living in the past, arrogant, completely out of touch with women, and trying to control half of the supposedly equal citizenry, according to their antiquated thinking. The U.S. has lots of faults and instances of ignorance despite its promises of equality and democracy. But this is among the worst of the faults and the instances of ignorance.

Constitution Corner: Constitutional crisis or politics as usual?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently agreed with Rep. Jerry Nadler, head of the House Judiciary Committee, that we are indeed in the midst of a “full-blown Constitutional crisis” because “the administration has decided that they are not going to honor their oath of office.”

My Turn: Columnist wrong on Alii Parkway priority

Ken Obenski’s recent commentary, which urged the county to resurrect the Alii Parkway project, is way off base. Hawaii County has planned to construct this highway since the 1960s. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the federal funding was secured, and lost, to construct it.

Obenski column: Time to re-do Alii Highway plans

Lako Blocko maybe the most common complaint or excuse in Kona. The impenetrable backup at the intersection of Lako Street and Highway 11, also known as Kuakini Highway, aka Hawaii Belt Road, and incorrectly as Queen Kaumana Highway, Mamalahoa Highway or even Highway 19 because the Department of Transportation will not put up street name signs.