New age of political ‘authenticity’ alarming

WASHINGTON — In the carnage of American civic culture, some of the damage is obvious: the dehumanization of political opponents, the devaluation of truth, the rise of conspiracy thinking. But other less evident shifts are no less troubling. One concerns the use of the word “authenticity.”

My Turn: Enough already with fireworks

I read, with interest, the extremely well-written letter to the editor from Taky Tzimeas and I could not agree more with the sentiments regarding the outrageous fireworks that were forced upon us for days prior to New Year’s Eve and for over six and a half hours on New Year’s Eve. This blasting has continued on the last three nights as well but for shorter duration. No one in our county should have to endure this abuse! And it is abuse!

Parker column: This guy wants to build a reef

CAMDEN, S.C. — Tom Mullikin is that guy — you know, the one who finishes Christmas dinner, then takes off to scale Mount Everest, conducting business by satellite phone to check progress on his plan to build an ocean reef upon his return.

My Turn: Hawaii shouldn’t pay for other states’ projects

The recent news reports on the Alaska Aerospace satellite launching project for East Hawaii and the feasibility report on Basalt Fabrication reveal a glaring and disturbing weakness in the Hawaii government process for evaluating economic development proposals.