Island Life 03-23-18

Tiny pineapples adorn their leafy plants on Thursday. (Suzy Coyne/Community Contributor)

Island Life 03-19-18

A cardinal perches in a Buddha’s Hand tree as he sings and bobs his head to impress a female cardinal not far away Saturday in a Kona subdivision. Unfortunately for Mr. Cardinal, he wasn’t impressive enough to convince the female to stick around. (Laurie Sigel/Community Contributor)

Island Life 03-18-18

White torch ginger stands out among the shrubbery. (Suzy Coyne/community contributor)

Island Life 03-17-18

A hapuu fern is coiled and ready for spring. (Jean Trueman/Community Contributor)

Island Life 03-16-18

The sun sets beyond a Kona beach on Wednesday. (Suzy Coyne/Community Contributor)